Angel Cards

Experience an Angel Reading with a friend or relative in mind to reveal more about that relationship. Use Angel Card readings and work with your Kooma Reader to discover your own unique connection to the Angels.

About Angel Cards

Have you heard the expression “Guardian Angel”? Angel Cards are a set of 72 illustrated cards, each angel card depicting a unique angelic quality with a word and a picture. Angel cards offer doorways to a realm of spiritual awareness which can encourage us to greater wholeness in our lives.

Angel Cards can be used to support you in many different ways to deliver powerful, comforting and inspiring messages from the angelic realm. Many people ask question on topics such as life's purpose, love, children, employment and finances through the angel cards.

Angel Card Readings

An Angel Card reading consists of your Kooma Reader selecting 3 or 6 cards from their Angel card deck. By asking the Angels a question and holding that question in your mind while your Kooma Reader spreads out the card deck, you can find out "What your Angels want you to know". You can also ask a question on behalf of another person. It's up to you, but remember to keep your question in mind as your angel cards are selected.

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