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Gifted Clairsentient from Childhood through your aura vibe energy I know a lot about you and your future.

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Questions and Answers

What spiritual skills do you have?

Deeply intuitive a sense of knowing about your past, your childhood upbringing and your ancestral past lives. Spiritually I know who you are, why you make the choices you make and what agendas your life has and all that motivates you. Clairsentient since childhood. I follow the Buddha Spiritual path.

What languages do you speak?


What can I expect from my reading with you?

A dose of reality, a wake up call, shocking truths in a direct way. No beating about the bush straightforward, and keeping it real. Humour.

Describe your journey into the psychic world

Gradually my gifts presented themselves throughout my life in various situations.

What prompted you to start giving readings?

Curiosity I always knew I could easily predict my own life that came naturally to me, all genuine psychics can read for themselves, always! I wanted to see if I could actually predict strangers lives too.

What are your experience and qualifications?

I'm an avid bookworm I love to read, this was instilled in me in early childhood I was constantly read to. I have thousands of books on every topic under the sun a lot of academic. Knowledge comes from reading. I also love to study, I have done so many courses on different subjects education is the key to life

What is your most memorable psychic experience?

I have too many to name they were all memorable.

Why do you give readings through this service?

I enjoy talking to nice people. Its a purpose.

How do you use the tarot cards as a spiritual tool?

It depends on the person I'm reading for I change adapt and remain fluid and flexible.

How do your visions manifest themselves?

From the energy from the person I'm reading for.

What is the importance of spirituality in your life and how do you convey it in your readings?

To not let the material world of money and possessions rule me. To know who is worth my time effort and energy. Money cant buy Health we are only passing through this world and nothing is Permanent. Never assume no one is immune or invincible. Life is about joy.

Why are angel cards special to you?

The cards are pretty uplifting and positive.

What makes you typical of your star sign?

Determined. Dry sense of humour. Intelligent. A Survivor. Nice person to those who deserve it. I cant play the game or conform, I am a true individual.

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